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Led by Gen Z, today's modern shoppers are focused on sustainability. Driven by a distaste for fast fashion and the throw-away economy, shoppers are seeking sustainable alternatives. Now, Gen Z, the carbon-conscious consumers, are embracing pawn shops to reduce their carbon footprint. These young shoppers are seeking to reach net zero carbon emissions to address the growing concern of climate change due to recent environmental concerns. This is accomplished by buying second-hand goods like designer handbags, electronics, jewelry, and much more! And this trend is not going away anytime soon.

According to ThredUP’s 10th Annual Resale Report, the U.S. secondhand market is expected to more than double by 2026, reaching $82 billion. EZPAWN has been contributing to this massive growth in the circular economy even before it was “trendy.” In fact, EZPAWN has been helping customers reduce their carbon footprint since its doors first opened over 45 years ago!

Let's see how Gen Z are using pawn shops to reduce their carbon footprint!

Americans Throw Away A Lot!

A smiling young man, with a trash bag in his hands, is wearing a safety vest and gloves while picking up trash

Americans throw away a lot of trash! This creates a lot of carbon emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. had 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2018. The EPA counts trash or MSW as, “various items consumers throw away after they are used. These items include bottles and corrugated boxes, food, grass clippings, sofas, computers, tires, and refrigerators. However, MSW does not include everything that may be landfilled at the local level, such as construction and demolition (C&D) debris, municipal wastewater sludge, and other non-hazardous industrial wastes”.

That’s nearly 5 pounds of waste per person thrown into landfills each day! That’s like throwing your body weight in trash multiple times per year. For example, if a person is 152 pounds, they’d be throwing away this amount each month!

Part of this waste comes in electronic form. As technology rapidly evolves, the average lifespan of most electronics is roughly two years. According to Earth911.com, the U.S. generated nearly 7 million tons of e-waste in 2019. However, it’s not always convenient to recycle electronics. In a 2019 international Telecommunications Union report, only 15 percent of potential e-waste is recycled in the U.S.

By utilizing pawn shops for both selling and purchasing, customers can reduce their carbon footprints while making a long-term positive impact on their communities and the planet. For example, when buying, young shoppers pay less for electronics, appliances, tools, jewelry, pre-owned designer goods, and more! Visit your local neighborhood EZPAWN today to see the impact one person like yourself can make!

What To Buy Or Sell

While it’s commonly known that pawn shops take electronics like computers, phones, and TVs, as well as power tools and jewelry, almost anything of value can be bought or sold. Here are a few items that make the list:

*Note: Items vary by store and state

  • Vacuum cleaners (must have parts)
  • Kitchen appliances like air fryers and crockpots
  • Sewing machines
  • Single-serve coffee machines, like Keurigs
  • Designer purses and handbags
  • Musical instruments
  • High-end shoes
  • Lawn equipment
  • A/C wall units
  • Tire rims
  • Bicycles
  • Strollers

How To Get Top Dollar

Make sure it works! Pawnbrokers are going to test it. If something doesn’t work or is glitchy, odds are they’ll question other items if you have those. Before taking in anything, make sure the item is clean and free of dust and debris. Remember, well-maintained items may get better offers! Also, bring in the manual, if there is one, as well as any accessories, parts, or cords needed to use the item. Keep in mind that price is determined at the sole discretion of the pawnbroker and several things are considered, including condition and ability to sell the item.

And don’t discount broken jewelry! Pawn shops often take gold and precious gems, even if the item is broken. Many will purchase broken jewelry to be melted down or processed for other uses.

After clearing clutter from the closet, garage, or basement, make a little green by going green and help keep re-sellable goods out of landfills by taking items to a local pawn shop.

The Solution

A tree with a mound of grass is sitting on top of a stack of gold coins

For these many reasons, carbon-conscious shoppers are now looking to pawn shops as a sustainable choice for their shopping needs. Pawn shops offer solutions to throwing away merchandise (keeping waste out of landfills) and putting real cash into customers’ pockets. And whether customers are buying, selling, or wanting a short-term loan, the trusted team at EZPAWN can help! EZPAWN offers fast, in-person service by a trustworthy, licensed pawnbroker, which online marketplaces can’t match. Stop by and see how EZPAWN can help reduce the carbon footprint of everyone who uses their services! Shop pawn stores like EZPAWN!