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Upcycling is the process of taking an old or used item and repurposing it into something new and of higher quality. This not only helps to reduce waste and potentially decrease our impact on the environment, but it can also provide several other benefits. One area where upcycling has gained popularity is in the jewelry industry, with people choosing to buy upcycled gold jewelry. Although other pawn shops do the same, EZPAWN also refurbishes old and broken 14k gold pieces by turning them into brand new chains and bracelets, extending the gold’s life and helping you save versus buying brand new.

Benefits Of Upcycled Gold Jewelry

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There are several benefits to buying upcycled gold jewelry from a pawn shop. From lower prices to sustainability, upcycled gold has many benefits. Let’s jump in and learn about the benefits of buying upcycled gold from EZPAWN!

1. Buying Upcycled Gold Jewelry Is More Affordable

First, it is often more affordable than buying brand-new gold jewelry. This is because buying new gold jewelry from a retail store often has huge markup costs. As soon as you walk away with said jewelry, you generally cannot get the same price you paid for it. On the other hand, buying upcycled gold jewelry from a pawn shop will often reflect market conditions, rather than the brand name itself, which inflates the value. This means that you can get high-quality gold jewelry at a fraction of the price of new pieces. If you’re looking to purchase gold jewelry, EZPAWN is the place to go!

2. A Diverse Collection of Upcycled Gold Jewelry

Another benefit of upcycled gold jewelry is that customers can get both one-of-a-kind and like pieces of gold jewelry .

When you buy brand-new jewelry, you are likely to see many others wearing the same piece or very similar pieces. This is due to trends the jewelry must keep up with to appeal to the mass market. With upcycled gold jewelry, you can find pieces that are truly unique, as they have been repurposed from old or used items. This can make your jewelry more special and meaningful to you. As a result, you will want to wear it more often and maybe even pass it on to your next generation.

With its upcycled gold jewelry program, EZPZAWN offers like-styles of 14k gold chains and bracelets. Customers can affordably purchase multiple pieces of the same design while decreasing the need for additional mining of gold.

3. Upcycled Gold Jewelry Is More Sustainable

In addition to the financial benefits of upcycling, there is also a sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are supporting a more sustainable and responsible way of doing business. Upcycled gold jewelry has already been mined and refined, so it does not need to go through the same process again. By choosing to buy upcycled gold jewelry from a pawn shop, you are supporting a circular economy and helping to reduce waste in the jewelry industry. And, the planet will thank you!

What It Take To Upcycle Gold Jewelry

To create new jewelry from old or broken gold items, the gold must first be smelted, or liquified. Smelting gold is done by using high pressure, heat, and various chemicals to break down the ore and melt the gold to separate the impurities. During this process, the gold must be heated to extreme temperatures, more than 1046 degrees Celsius or 2150 degrees Fahrenheit. The molten gold, called crude bullion, is then cast into molds. The gold is further refined into pure materials by electrolytic refining, chlorination, or acid leaching1. Next, heat is applied to the gold to form new jewelry, which EZPAWN and its family of brands then sell in its stores. Below is a basic video from Modern Goldsmith to get a general idea of the process:

The Many Benefits Of Upcycled Gold Jewelry

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Overall, buying upcycled gold jewelry from a pawn shop is a great way to get high-quality, unique, and affordable jewelry while also supporting a more sustainable and responsible way of doing business. So, the next time you are in the market for some new gold jewelry, consider checking out your local neighborhood pawn shop for some upcycled gold pieces. The friendly Team Members at EZPAWN will be happy to assist you with your upcycled gold jewelry needs. Visit an EZPAWN today!

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